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The Lake District 10 Peak Challenge

The Lake District 10 Peak Challenge is what it says it is… 10 peaks that are challenging! The challenge has two options:

Option 1 is the 10 peaks of the Western Lake District (see itinerary 1) this starts at Buttermere and ends in Langdale.

Option 2 is to start in the Eastern Lake District, starting at Red Screes and finishing in Glenridding. (see itinerary 2)

Both options are challenging, and it's up to you which one you choose to do. Remember both options can be combined into one big event taking in the full 20 peaks! The Lake District 20 Peak Challenge can be done over two days, but can easily be spread over 3 - 4 days to give the group time to recoup, relax and enjoy the scenery a little more instead of feeling rushed.

You must ask yourself “Am I ready for this challenge” The challenge requires a high level of fitness and thorough preparation training especially for those individuals without prior experience of high level mountain walks.
If you have a particular ailment or illness that prevents you from taking part, then possibly this challenge isn’t the best for you.



That said if you’re up for a challenge that will test your mental stamina and endurance then this is for you! 
You will be walking in some amazing scenery, possibly some of, if not the best that the Lake District has to offer. The terrain will be varied and there will be many descents as well as the testing ascents to be concurred. The walk starts in the beautiful valley of Buttermere and ends in the picturesque Langdale valley.
Below is the itinerary/peaks that you will be walking.

Option 1 Itinerary:

• Leg 1:Gatesgarth Farm - Red Pike 4.5km / 155 mins
• Leg 2: Red Pike - High Stile 1.2km / 29 mins
• Leg 3: High Stile - High Crag 1.5km / 36 mins
• Leg 4: High Crag - Green Gable 6km / 147 mins
• Leg 5: Green Gable - Great Gable 0.8km / 26 mins
• Leg 5: Great Gable - Lingmell 4.2km / 99 mins
• Leg 6: Lingmell - Scafell Pike 1.5km / 50 mins
• Leg 7: Scafell Pike - Great End 1.8km / 43 mins
• Leg 8: Great End - Esk Pike 1.6km / 35 mins
• Leg 9: Esk Pike - Bow Fell 1.6km / 40 mins
Leg 10: Bow Fell - Stool End Farm 3.5km / 95 mins

Estimated time 12 hours 35 minutes. Suggested time 12 hours.




Option 2 Itinerary:

Leg 1: Kirkstone Pass - Red Screes 800m / 75 mins
• Leg 2: Red Screes - Dove Crag 3.3km / 84 mins
• Leg 3: Dove Crag - Hart Crag 1km / 25 mins
• Leg 4: Hart Crag - Fairfield 1.3km / 35 mins
• Leg 5: Fairfield - Seat Sandal 1.5km / 70 mins
• Leg 6: Seat Sandal - Dollywagon Pike 1.6km / 60 mins
• Leg 7: Dollywagon Pike - Nethermost Pike 1.3km / 30m
• Leg 8: Nethermost Pike - Helvellyn 1.1km / 28 mins
• Leg 9: Helvellyn - Lower Man 0.7km / 17 mins
• Leg 10: Lower Man - Whiteside 1.2km / 31 mins
• Leg 11: Whiteside – Glenridding YHA 3.5km / 60 mins

 Total estimated time: 12 hours 34 mins / Target time: 11.5 hours

Accommodation & Clothing:

PB Mountaineering can sort out your accommodation whilst you are in the Lake District. There are numerous options depending on your budget, group size and time spent in the Lake District. Some options being: Camping, bunkhouses, YHA, B&B, and hotels depending on your budget and time spent in the Lake District. Because we know the area we can advise on where the best place are to stay. Get in touch to discuss your preferences; we don’t do the hard sell! And offer unbiased helpful and genuine advice.
We will provide food and drink whilst out on the challenge, you won’t go hungry! And any dietary requirements can be taken care of.

We do expect people to bring their own walking equipment for the challenge. A kit list will be sent to you once booking has been made. If you need to hire any equipment then this is an option. Also if you need to buy any equipment for the challenge, then we have an agreement with one of the local outdoor shops in the area, where a substantial discount is given to customers booking with PB Mountaineering.


Event Information:

• Professional & experienced guides for the event
• Transport included for the event
• Minimum/Maximum 4/8 per instructor
• Maximum event size 24
• Food and drink for the challenge
• Optional accommodation options can be organised
• Pictures of the event, copied on a CD

Support & Training:

PB Mountaineering can also provide training day/s and training packages to get you and your group ‘hill’ fit and ready for the main event. We can travel to a more convenient location to you to do this, Snowdonia, Scotland for example, or alternatively you may prefer to come to the Lake District to get the Lakes fells and miles under your belt before the big day.

It goes without saying, but we will! That PB Mountaineering always uses qualified and experienced local guides for each and every event that we run. Each have gone through rigorous training to achieve their outdoor qualifications.